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50 Fun Ideas for Work Christmas Parties

It’s coming up to that time of year already – the work Christmas party.  Does your workplace do the same old boring thing every year?  Well as a boss I’ve had about enough of boring Christmas Parties where I’d rather stay home in bed with a cup of tea.  From now on – we only do fun stuff as a team.  Here are a few Christmas Party ideas, some we have done already – some that we are planning to do!  Make it exciting and bring together your team!

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1. Book an Escape Room Party

This is what we here at Stay at Home Mum are doing for our Christmas Party this year.  There are Escape Rooms everywhere now – not only are they are a fun activity, they are team building as well!

See a list of all the Escape Rooms in Australia Here

Escape Room Experience For Groups of 2 - Brisbane

2. Have Your Work Christmas Party at a Theme Park

This is a great idea if you have a large team with loads of kids.  Think Movie World, Wet N Wild, Dreamworld or wherever is close to where you work.

You can pick up three day passes that include Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World and Wet N Wild Gold Coast for $129.00

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3. Take Your Team for High Tea

We recently had a very fancy High Tea at Aimee Provence at Buderim.  There I had the very best scones I have eaten in all my life (highly recommend!).  High Tea is a very decadent Christmas Party – and the best part is that you can do it for Morning Tea or Lunch – so no going out at night!


Aimee Provence Buderim High Tea | Stay at Home Mum

4. Go to a Comedy Club

Comedy is huge right now, you only have to look at all of the Netflix Specials to know!  But did you also know that Comedy Clubs have popped up all over Australia?

For a list of upcoming Comedy Events, check out Event Finda.

5. Go Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling is a fun, family friendly way of enjoying a casual no-fuss Christmas Party.  Book in advance, organise some nibbles and have fun!

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6. Go to a Karaoke Club

See how Karen from Accounting sings ‘Blaze of Glory’ or how Gary the IT Manager belts out ‘It’s Raining Men’.

We have a list of all the Australian Venues that do Karaoke right here!

List of Australian Karaoke Clubs | Stay at Home Mum

7. Book a Work Cooking Class

Cooking Classes are a terrific team building activity – and best of all – you get to eat what you make at the end of the session making it a perfect Christmas Party! Some different Cooking Class ideas include:

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8. Have a White Elephant Gift Giving Session

9. Book a Party Boat

10. Visit an Inflatable Water Park 

11. Have a Dress Up Themed Party 

12. Only a Small Team? Have a Pool Party!

Simple doesn’t mean boring.  A pool party could have fancy nibbles, and all the kids could come along.  Perfect for the Australian Summer. Put loads of cold drinks on ice, get the music flowing and you have the perfect laid back Christmas Party!

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13. Go to a Fancy Rooftop Bar for Cocktails

If you have a bit of a budget, why not book a beautiful rooftop bar for the evening and enjoy the view with fancy cocktails!

14. Book a Cocktail Bartender for Your Barbecue

15. Hold a Murder Mystery Night

16. Have a Trivia Night

17. Book a Cinema for a Movie Marathon Night with Fancy Nibbles

18. Set up a Slip n Slide and Have a Caterer Make the Food

This is for the small team where no one has a pool!  A Slip N Slide is an Aussie tradition.  Sure there will be bruises but it will be hilarious!

19. Volunteer at a Local Pet Shelter and Have Drinks Afterwards

20. Go to a Theatre Restaurant

There is nothing more fun then being entertained as you eat!  There are a few awesome Theatre Restaurants around the place – see which will appeal to your team the most!

Our Picks:

21. Go Paintballing as a Team

22. Hire a Local Live Band

23. Organise a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

24. Hire a Tent at the Local Races

25. Have a ‘Bad Taste’ Dress Up Party

26. Have a Bonfire Night with S’Mores

27. Have a Wine Tasting Day

28. Small Team? Have a Progressive Dinner.

29. Take the Team Whale Watching

30. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

31. Go on a Horse Riding Adventure

Give your team memories to treasure forever with a horse riding adventure.  Available all over Australia – some even include an ocean swim!

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Find Horse Riding Adventures near you

via rbhr.com.au

Rainbow Beach Horse Rides

32. Team Drive A Lot? Book a Defensive Driving Day

33. Book Dinner at the Australian Outback Spectacular

If you are located in Queensland or Northern New South Wales – you have access not only to the best theme parts in Australia – but also the Australian Outback Spectacular which includes dinner and a show – perfect for a Work Christmas Party. The show delves into real-life struggles Aussie Farmers face, see the most amazing horses and you get free beer!

You can grab tickets for Australian Outback Spectacular online from Adrenaline

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34. Go on a Paddle Streamer Cruise

35. Visit a Brewery

36. Take the Team to the Melbourne Ice Bar

37. Go on a Swan Valley Wine Cruise with Lunch

38. Visit a Dessert Bar

39. Book a Sustainable Farm Tour

40. Teach the Team How to Make Fresh Pasta

41. Make Your Own Bottle of Bundaberg Rum

42. Got all Girls? Have a Spa Day

43. Visit a Jail as a Group

44. Go Deep Sea Fishing

45. Hire a Bus and Do a Pub Tour

46. Or Book an Outlet Shopping Day with Lunch

47. A Wine and Cheese Night

48. Mini Golf Day

49. Have a Casino Night

50. Laser Tag


These are just 50 ideas for a great Work Christmas Party!

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