62 Easy Small Business Ideas for Stay at Home MumsNo idea what to do? Then we have the answer for you!

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Working for somebody else will never make you rich.

And who doesn’t want to work in your own business, working hard to provide your family with the benefits of your blood, sweat and tears.  If you don’t know where to start, start here!  We give you 62 ideas on small businesses to start from home.  All can be scaled up as much or as little as you wish.

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Here are our 62 ideas – click on the heading to go to the information on how to start a business in that field!


  1. Start Your Own Fashion Boutique

  2. Become an AirBnB Host

  3. Start a Cake Baking and Cake Decorating Business

  4. Buy and Sell Adult Products

  5. Become a Makeup Artist

  6. Become a Hair Upstylist

  7. Web Content Writer

  8. Transcription Services

  9. Write and Sell Ebooks

  10. Resume Writing Business

  11. Sell Images to Stock Images Websites

  12. Start a Small Business Selling Jewellery Online

  13. Family History Researcher

  14. Become a Virtual Assistant

  15. Online or Home Visit Tutor

  16. Home Cook

  17. Become a Drop Shipper

  18. Christmas Decorator

  19. Start Your Own Line of Beauty Products

  20. Buy, Swap and Sell Trading

  21. Grow and Sell Plants for Resale

  22. Design Invitations and Sell Them Online

  23. Packing Services

  24. Product Reviewer

  25. Data Entry Work

  26. Wedding Organiser

  27. Film Online Videos

  28. Start Your Own Organic Skin Care Line

  29. Do Some Driving for Uber

  30. Design and Sell Forms

  31. Make Wedding Favours

  32. Launch Your Own Online Course

  33. Start Your Own Line of Macrame Gifts or Designs

  34. Professional Pet Sitter

  35. Design your Own Line of Plates

  36. Import Kids Clothing and Start Your Own Kids Clothing Store

  37. Sew Your Own Vintage Style Baby Rompers

  38. Design Non-Floral Wedding Bouquets

  39. Locate and Sell Vintage Clothing

  40. Design and Sell Funny T-shirts

  41. Be a Kid’s Party Entertainer

  42. Make and Sell Nappy Cakes

  43. Sell Products on Consignment

  44. Become a Home Daycare Provider

  45. Become a Swimming Instructor

  46. Buy and Flip Websites

  47. Make and Sell Gift Baskets

  48. Property Management

  49. Upstyle Vintage Furniture

  50. Create a Subscription Box Business

  51. Start a Party Planning Business

  52. Bake Pies and Biscuits

  53. Start a Blog

  54. Become a Doula

  55. Garage Sale Organiser

  56. Take Online Surveys

  57. Evaluate Websites

  58. Create and Frame Your Art for Sale

  59. Create Educational Videos

  60. Online Cooking School

  61. Affiliate Marketing (Sell Other People’s Products for Commission)


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