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How to Start Your Own Online Fashion Boutique 

Find a line of clothing you really love and start your own small online boutique.  Purchase fashion from places like Etsy or even look at having clothing custom-made overseas in the styles you love.  You can also sell your fashion through Etsy, eBay or start your own Shopify store!

62 Small Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums | Stay at Home Mum


If you want to design and manufacture your own line of clothing, you can start smaller.  Have a look at this Free List of Fashion Wholesalers and Manufacturers which might help you on your way! You probably should prepare a start-up cash of at least $1,000 to purchase stock in advance.

Also, check out this article on ‘A Beginners Guide to Launching Your Own Clothing Label’.

If you don’t have the cash to design and make your own fashion line, perhaps you should consider Drop ShippingDrop Shipping is selling other people’s products, and then the manufacturer sends the item directly to your customer – so you don’t need to buy stock – you just pocket the difference.  I’ve got more information on Drop Shipping here!

Other information on a Fashion Start-Up:

Someone that has done it: Check out Jane Wu who started Showpo from her garage in 2010.  She has now built an empire that is envy-worthy.

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