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How to Start a Cake Baking or Cake Decorating Business

If your family and friends are always begging you to make that delectable chocolate cake with that amazing icing for their special occasions, why not look at providing your skills to the wider public.  Whether it is cupcakes for a school birthday, or wedding cakes and everything in between – showcase your work on your Facebook Page and start charging for your services.

How to Start a Cake Baking or Cake Decorating Business | Stay at Home Mum

How to Start Your Cake Baking or Cake Decorating Business:

Come up with an incredible name and design a simple logo. You can design a simple logo on Canva.

Start a Facebook Page and Instagram Page with your logo and branding.

Buy an inexpensive lightbox from Amazon or similar – and start baking your creations.  Lightboxes make taking photographs of cakes so much easier and your end result photograph will be of a higher standard (you can pick them up from $50).

We love this one below which would be just perfect for cakes and it is only $70!

LIghtbox from Amazon Australia | Stay at Home Mum

Start regularly posting your creations on social media – both Facebook and Instagram.

Then start taking your creations to local restaurants and cafes and offer the owner a tasting sample of your creation.

What you can expect to be paid:

From $80 per cake.

Someone That Has Done This Successfully:

Jessie & Co is Gympie based cake decorating business.  Jessie made this amazing ‘Shades of Lavender Cake’ and offers wedding cakes, baby shower cakes and decadent cupcakes for every occasion!

If you don’t want to actually sell cakes – you can still make a good income with the following ideas:

  • Start a Cake Decorating Youtube Channel
  • Start Online Courses in Cake Decorating
  • Set up a Cake Decorating Subscription Box – they are all the rage at the moment!
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