Earn Cash Becoming a Pamphlet Deliverer

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Earn Cash Becoming a Pamphlet Deliverer

There is a big difference between working at the post office and delivering mail and working for an individual company delivering pamphlets, catalogues, etc. The former is a government position that requires dedication as well as a lengthy application and interview process. The latter offers you plenty of flexibility as well as a pretty decent pay rate to walk around in different areas placing pamphlets in letterboxes. If you are looking for a position that is flexible and can work around your lifestyle and your family, then delivering pamphlets may be something that would interest you.

How to Become a Pamphlet Deliverer

Most pamphlet delivery positions are advertised in the newspaper. However, you can also check online through job sites such as Indeed, Seek or Career One. Or, you can also apply directly to pamphlet delivering companies that will help you find work in your area.

You will need to apply for the position by contacting the employer. He may require a resume, referees and a background check. You will most likely need to have your own transportation as you may need to do different suburbs each day or week.

Requirements and Work Conditions

How many hours a week you work will depend on two things how much you want to work and how much the employer needs. In many instances you can choose how many pamphlets’ you will hand out each week based on your free time. You may also be able to choose when and what days you will work but this all depends on the employer’s conditions.

You will most likely be walking from house to house when delivering pamphlets. You don’t have to make any cold calls or knock on people’s doors but rather just place the item in the letter box and move onto the next house. However, you will need to be fairly active and be willing and able to walk a great distance. For example, you may deliver pamphlets for two hours every night and thus will need to be able to be on your feet this entire time. Make sure you also have the appropriate attire which includes good running shoes, a sun hat or rain gear (depending on the weather) and plenty of sun screen.

Benefits to Pamphlet Delivery

One of the ways to determine if this is the right position for you or not is to consider the good and the bad about it. We’ve helped you out and outlined the benefits to working in this industry:

–          One of the biggest benefits to delivering pamphlets is that you will be able to make some extra money doing so.

–          Flexible working hours and you will usually get to choose how many hours a week you want to work depending on your lifestyle and schedule. Thus you can work around the kids and have more time to spend with them when they are home.

–          The position is definitely unique and you won’t have to deal with uptight customers all day long.

–          There is usually no educational requirement if you are concerned that you are not experienced.

–          You will most likely be alone and able to unwind away from the house and the stresses of the kids

–          You will be working outside and be able to maintain your fitness in the process

If you are considering rejoining the workforce but do not want something that is too stressful or too binding, then this could be the perfect position to reintroduce you into working outside of the home. It also provides you with a great chance to get out of the house and away from the chaos for a couple of hours without feeling the guilt of returning to work full time.

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