Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer

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Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer

Good at Writing?  Got Time on Your Hands? Write for money whilst being at home!

Becoming a Freelance Writer is a great way for a Stay at Home Mum to earn a bit of money whilst doing the hours that fit in with the family.  Freelance Writing is a great way to get that brain working again, to talk to real adults and really feel good about yourself, and working does just that.

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What You Need to Become a Freelance Writer

Anyone can become a freelance writer, but if you haven’t had experience with using Microsoft Word or G-Suite or any word processing software, look into a course first (check with your local Council – lots offer them for free) to brush up on some basic skills.

With the internet a booming business now, websites are looking for great writers all the time.  They call this writing ‘content’ and it is a booming business.   Other types of writers people are looking for include writers for computer programming, writers for advertising, writers for magazine articles – if you’re good at writing – there is work around.  And not just article writing either – there is a variety of writing jobs you could consider!

Niches Within the Article Writing Industry

  • Creating and Selling Your Own Ebook
  • Ghost Writing for other authors
  • Video Scripts
  • Self Publish Your Own Books
  • Technical Writing
  • Resume Writing
  • Magazine Articles
  • Blogging
  • News Articles, Advertorials
  • Copywriting including landing pages and sales pages

BUT……..There is a major pitfall, though…. Freelance writers often have to start out earning near on nothing at all for their work at first to build up a solid reputation – and work their way up, sometimes slowly.

You can be on very strict deadlines, which can be hard when you’re at home and you have a sick baby or a demanding toddler…. so think carefully before signing up!

The Article Topics That Make the Most Money

There are certain industries that pay top dollar for well-researched articles in their own niche.  They are:

  • Financial Products.  Think home loans, credit cards, financial products, finance companies, banks.
  • Tech Industry.  Silicon Valley, data, software etc.
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Travel
  • Alternative Health and Alternative Health Products (such as CBD Oil), dietary products.
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Real Estate Writing
  • Mental Health

Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer | Stay At Home Mum

But once your talent has been proven, the work can become regular and you can start demanding decent money!

Where Can I Get Work as a Freelance Writer?

There are websites that you can join as a Freelance Writer where clients will be looking at your ‘online resume’ to see if you are a suitable fit.  There are also websites where the clients are advertising their writing jobs, and you submit your quote to bid for the work.  You are more likely to get Freelance Writing work if you have a few published works under your belt.  You can do this by:

  • Offering a Free Guest Article to Websites
  • Start a blog and publish your own work
  • Sending emails to online publishers offering your services or ‘cold pitching’.

Network with other Freelance Writers

It is also a good idea to have a look at the social media of other freelance writers to see where they are publishing their works. Start a social media account on Facebook and Instagram and follow Freelance Writing Groups to see where others are getting their work (and also for tips from others).

Here are other places that you can find Freelance Writing work:

Subscribe to Online Jobs Boards

There are multiple online jobs boards all over the internet where clients advertise for writers.  Some of them include:

1. iWriter

iWriter is very easy to use website to get started on your writing career right away.  The money will start small, but as you get good feedback from customers, you can increase your rate.  Professional writers that have submitted over 30 pieces of content can command up to $200 an article!

Sign up to Writer here –>

iwriter screenshot | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is great because you can literally do anything online – graphic artist, social media manager – really anything online.  Perfect place to go and look for online work right away!

How it works:  Freelancer posts ‘jobs’ – jobs can be writing a business plan for a start-up business, writing an article for a newspaper, designing an excel spreadsheet etc.  You have to submit how much you are willing to be paid for the job, and the time frame you can get it done in.  The problem is you are competing with people world-wide to get that job – potential employers will check out your rating (something you will build in time) and ‘feedback’.

Create an account and get a $25 Gift

Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer | Stay At Home Mum

Other ways is to approach websites or publications with examples of your writing to see if they are willing to give you a go.

Standard rates for writing for a website in Australia would start from $20/article for an inexperienced beginner through to $250 for a fully optimised and researched articles with photographs.

3. Listverse

Listverse is a terrific website that has ‘Top 10 of Everything’.  They pay $100 for every published article they receive.

4. Freelance Mom

This website accepts guest posts and pay between $75 to $100 via Paypal.  They do have a strict submission policy – but it is all laid out for you before submission!

5. UpWork

Sign up and then browse the site for jobs – they will state exactly how much they are paying, and what they are looking for!

Other Websites That Will Pay You for Submissions Include:

  1. Income Diary is looking for articles on technology and income.

Other Ways to Make Money From Writing Online:

Create and Sell Ebooks:

If you write a killer ebook – all ready to go, many publishers will be keen to sell it on their platform. The e-book has to be topical for the website, well written and be unique. Expect to pay 50% commission on every sale.

For loads of hints on getting started writing e-books including a comprehensive list of where to sell them, check out my own E-book on selling E-books!

Buy it Here!

How to Create and Sell Ebooks for a Profit - Stay at Home Mum.com.au


Ecourses are another great platform to get your writing to make money.  If you have a skill – you can design an e-course and then pitch it to publishers.  E-course platforms to create your course include:

Interested? Get Writing Today!

Earn Money by Becoming a Freelance Writer | Stay At Home Mum

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