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How to Find, Source and Sell Products OnlineSetting Up Your Own Store? Here's Where to Find Product

So you want to start your own business selling products online?  That’s great!

But where do you source products to sell?

Where can you buy your products wholesale?

Today we will give you some information on where to go to get great deals on products that you can start selling right away.


how to find source and sell products online | Stay at Home Mum

Where to Sell Your Products (When you Get Them)

Selling your product could be as easy as starting your own Facebook Page.  Ebay is a really great option as it costs little to set up a shop and you have facilities such as Paypal attached so consumers feel safe to purchase through a reputable site. Start small with little cost and build up your brand and reputation first!  If your selling goes really well, consider starting your own website! You can sell your own products, or someone else’s.  There is also a concept called ‘Affiliate Marketing’ which is a great way to promote products you love, without having the trouble of buying them to re-sell! You can even just sell them on your own personal Facebook Page! The beauty of having your own business is that YOU can choose what you sell; products YOU are passionate about or find useful, services YOU find reliable and promote other products and businesses that YOU think show integrity and value.

Options for Selling Platforms Include:

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Product to Sell

It is important to really think about what you would like to sell.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the fragile or hard to post or ship?
  2. How many products will you have?
  3. Will it require specialised packaging?
  4. How heavy will it be – will the postage be expensive?
  5. Is it a physical item, service or digital product?
  6. How large is it?  Again will the postage be expensive due to the size?
  7. How many other people are selling exactly the same thing?  Can you match their price?
  8. Will you ship internationally?  Are there special rules on mailing your item?

Selling your own or other people’s products can be very lucrative, but take the time to answer the above questions before you start!

Good products to sell are:

  • Light and easy to post
  • Unique to you and your online store
  • Selling between $10 – $200 – which is the ‘sweet spot’ for online shopping pricing
  • Not seasonal
  • Consumable – so the customer has to come back for more
  • In demand

What is Drop Shipping (see also Wholesale Retailers)

If you want to start an online business selling goods, but don’t have a lot of room for stock, nor much money to buy stock, I suggest you try Drop Shipping.  Drop Shipping is where you advertise a product, sell the product to the consumer, then the supplier delivers the goods directly to the consumer.  You don’t need to mail it out or worry about shipping and can just take the cut of the profit.  As easy as this sounds, be careful. Choose companies with a good reputation that have previous experience in Drop Shipping.  You don’t want to sell a product to your customers and not have the item arrive, nor do you want to work with a company that may offer comparable rates but are very difficult to communicate with.

Companies that offer Drop Shipping include:

  • Oberlo.com
  • Doba (a Directory that matches suppliers with sellers)


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