Where to Buy Womens Workwear and Business Attire Online

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Where to Buy Womens Workwear and Business Attire Online

Where to Buy Women’s Workwear and Business Attire Online

Depending on where your work – it is expected that the clothing you wear is a reflection of the company you work for. Whether you are required to wear a suit with stockings and heels or jeans and a t-shirt, workwear should always be neat and tidy, durable, comfortable and professional.

Going the extra mile to add the splash of professionalism like embroidery to personale your garment is also another great idea.

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Where to Buy Womens Workwear and Corporate Attire Online | Stay at Home Mum

Keeping the Cost of Workwear Down

Having mixed pieces (top and bottom) rather than dresses may seem a bit more expensive when purchasing, but because you can mix and match with other items in your wardrobe, it is the most cost-effective way of dressing yourself for work.  Keep the colours of pants and skirts neutral (ie black or navy) – then invest in a few brightly coloured tops that will make the whole outfit look new every time.

Spending more on these basic business workwear fashion pieces and less on ‘seasonal’ trends will save in the long run.

Have a Business ‘Capsule’ Wardrobe:

If you want to save a fortune on workwear clothing you have to wear to work, look at putting together a work ‘capsule’ wardrobe.  These are a selection of 5 – 8 pieces of good-quality work clothing that you can mix and match – and takes the thought about ‘What do I wear today’ – out of the picture.  A traditional style capsule would include:

  • 1 x Pair of Slacks (black or navy)
  • 1 x Skirt (black or navy)
  • 2 long sleeve blouses (white, black, navy, red)
  • 1 x Black or Navy Dress

With a workwear capsule, you can then use fashion accessories such as scarves, statement necklaces and shoes to dress up or down the pieces.

Where to Buy Womens Workwear and Corporate Attire Online | Stay at Home Mum

What NOT To Wear to Work

What you wear on your own time is up to you – but work is a different matter.  Avoid the following:

  • Low cut tops
  • Mini skirts
  • Anything see-through
  • Very high high-heels
  • Very tight clothing.

How to Make Cheaper Workwear Pieces Look a Million Bucks

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on work clothing, you can still look a million bucks with cheaper items.  Just ensure that they fit well!  In fact, every girl should know a dress-maker that can take the pieces you do buy and ensure they fit you like a dream.  Nipping and tucking a good blazer or dress to fit your body makes your outfit look expensive!

Look at local tailors, clothes hospitals or alterations specialists to find someone that will quickly (and hopefully cheaply) adjust each piece to fit you well.

List of Affordable but Good Quality Officewear for Women:

1.  Forcast

Forcast has a good selection of tailored pants, women’s suiting, a-line dresses and work-appropriate outfits.

When shopping online you can get free express shipping on orders over $50

See the Forcast Website.

2.  Forever New

Forever New has timeless pieces – many very suitable for work attire.  They also have some pretty funky looking shoes!

See the Forever New Website.

Forever New Stephanie Rib Midi Knit Dress | Stay at Home Mum    Forever New Stacey Pintuck Blouse | Stay at Home Mum    Forever New Piper Pointed Flat Shoes | Stay at Home Mum

3.  Witchery

You’ll find Witchery in most Australian Shopping Centres, but I still think you get better deals when you check online regularly.  Witchery is just about perfect for women’s workwear, their clothing lines are sophisticated, elevated and feminine.

See the Witchery Website

20174 124975 142697 | Stay at Home    19949 124630 142363 | Stay at Home    20150 124773 142423 | Stay at Home

4.  Veronika Maine

Veronika Maine is more of a high-end store with quality materials and finishes to their garments.  Every piece from Veronika Maine will be a timeless garment to be enjoyed for years to come.

See the Veronika Maine Website

Veronika Maine Leather Midi Skirt | Stay at Home Mum    Veronika Maine Tweed O Buckle Dress | Stay at Home Mum    Veronika Maine Stretch Twill Tuxedo Pant | Stay at Home Mum

5.  Boden Clothing Australia

Boden was originally an English brand that has been in Australia for a few years now.  Boden Clothing is beautifully made with high-quality materials and are simply timeless!  From tailored pants through to silk shirts, you can fill your whole wardrobe with beautiful pieces from Boden.

10% OFF
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See the Boden Clothing Australia Website

Boden Clothing Australia Silk Collarless Blouse | Stay at Home Mum

6.  Cue

With all their pieces made in Australia and ethically sourced, Cue has beautifully made high-quality pieces that are on-trend.

See the Cue Website.

Cue Pinstripe Wrap Front Skirt | Stay at Home Mum    Cue Silhouette Bouquet Georgette Trapeze Dress | Stay at Home Mum    Cue Wool Checked Cropped Top | Stay at Home Mum

7.  Jacqui E

Mainly for the over 30’s woman, Jacqui E has a fantastic range of workwear, their dresses are flippy and on-trend, but will still be wearable for years.  They have a great range of basics and their knits are just darling.

See the Jacqui E Website

8.  Trenery

Trenery is another of the super-luxe workwear women’s brands that offer quality and simplicity in their pieces. They are focused on designing sustainable fashion and each piece is designed for you to get the most out of your clothing for years to come.

See the Trenery Website.

Merino Milano Dress    Yarn Dyed Pleat Front Pant    Geometric Spot Print Dress

9. Saba Australia

Founded in 1965, Saba offers a contemporary range of both women and men’s workwear and fashion items.  I particularly love their range of crepe wool!

See the Saba Australia Website

Saba Australia Vicky High Neck Knit Dress | Stay at Home Mum    Saba Australia Victoria Knit Midi Skirt | Stay at Home Mum    Saba Australia Mara Milano Check V-Neck Tank | Stay at Home Mum

10. David Lawrence

David Lawrence has very high-quality timeless pieces, but has the price-tag to go with it!  Perfect if you are buying a capsule wardrobe that will last you for years.  David Lawrence is mainly aimed for the over 30 years market or the highly professional demographic.

Check out David Lawrence

11. Esther & Co

Esther & Co sell quality clothing for the 25 years and under market.  They have on-trend pieces that would suit the more casual workplace.

Check out the Esther & Co Website

12. Portmans

Portmans is a terrific all-round clothing store that has timeless pieces that don’t cost a fortune.  They are great for structured pants and skirts, beautiful blouses and great knitwear and blazers perfect for the office.

Check out the Portmans Website

13. Birdsnest

The thing I adore about Birdsnest is that they put together outfits for you so you don’t have to think about ‘what looks good with what’.  They have loads of Office Attire outfits from Boho Home Office to Luxury Office Look.  Made for the over 30’s market.

Check out the Birdsnest Website

Birdsnest Fashion | Stay at Home Mum

14.  Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti has a 55-year history.  Classy, beautiful lines, timeless pieces that will never date.  They have a beautiful range of workwear – investment pieces.

Check out the Carla Zampatti Website

15. Goat Fashion Ltd

Funny name – but BEAUTIFUL stuff!  They are based in the United Kingdom but post worldwide  They have tailored pants, beautiful jersey dresses, classy blazers. It is all timeless and just gorgeous!

Check them out here >Kara Blouse Cream

The Kara Tie Neck Blouse from Goat Fashion

16. Sacha Drake

So this brand is far from cheap – but the pieces are timeless.  They have a great range of pencil skirts, wide-legged tailored pants and office-ready dresses.

Check out their range here >

17. Review Australia

Think pretty girly vintage chic fashion.  Frills, florals and tailored pants.  Perfect for the girly girl!

Check out their range here >

Review - If Only You Knew Dress

‘If Only You Knew’ Dress by Review

18. Ministry of Style

Super modern workwear with pops of colour and a slightly bohemian look, workwear with style and edge!  Pretty expensive – but absolutely gorgeous!

Check out their range here >

Ministry of Style - Femme Maxi Dress

The Femme Maxi Dress in Rust by Ministry of Style

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