Stay at Home Mum’s Christmas Section is all recipes, drinks, starters and desserts that are festive. I love Christmas and preparing for the one big day a year is super exciting – we show you how to do it on a budget and with little stress!

How to Prove to your Kids that Santa Exists

Just get that fire extinguisher ready for your pants!

10 Ways On How You Can Give Back This Christmas

Simple Tips To Help Out Others This Holiday Season

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Homemade Spearmint Sugar Scrub

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Traditional Rum Balls

My Grandma's Traditional Recipe!

86 Thoughts When Wrapping Christmas Presents

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Tropical Trifle

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Christmas Punch with a Punch

Non-Alcoholic Punch with a Christmas Twist!

37+ Large Salads to Serve on Christmas Day

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20 Christmas Crafts

Crafts for beginners and excessively festive experts!

How To Save On Christmas Shopping

65+ Incredible Gingerbread Houses That I'm Never Going to Make

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3 Homemade Ice Blocks Recipes