Savings Stories

Stay at Home Mum’s Savings Stories section is a selection of real Mum’s stories on how they got out of financial strife in their own words.

10 Decorating Essentials For A Rental Home on a Budget

Home sweet home!

15 Easy Survival Recipes From The Depression Era

Easy, cheap and delicious depression era meals!

No Shopping for A Month: What I Learned From My Month in Exile

It was ohhh sooo hard....

10 Best Student Laptops for School and University

We're here to help you work out what laptop you need and where to get it at a great price!

10 Cheapskate Rules From America's "Cheapest" Man

Watching this video will probably save you hundreds...

How to Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

By someone who reduced it by two-thirds!

How To Turn Your Unwanted Designer Items Into Cash

13 of Australia's Cheapest Mobile and Data Plans

September 2020

RANT: [email protected]#K Energy Bills! We are going to reduce them.

Oh and Gas can [email protected]#K off too!....

Cheapest and Best Mobile Plans for Teenagers

Get a good deal on both a phone and the plan for your teen

12 Cleaning Items You Should Stop Buying at the Supermarket

..and start making at home!

How to Save $5000 on Home Expenses RIGHT NOW

Got to pull your belt in? Here's how!

All-Natural DIY Body Scrubs

Don’t Buy Them, Make Them Yourself At Home!

Are You Frugal or Cheap? Which One Are You?

Yes, there is a difference!

Why Being Hands-On With Your Energy Provider Will Save You Money

Save a fortune!

Why Pay Day Lender Loans Will Ruin Your Credit Rating


Free Printable: SAHM Savings Tracker

Budget smart and save money!