Stay at Home Mum’s Baking Section is a selection of all of our cakes and breads – and we have a huge range of them. Strawberry Bread would have to be one of the more popular bread recipes whilst the best cake recipe would be the Sand Cake or Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake – yum.

Cookie Mix in a Jar

The perfect Gift for the person that has everything!

Three Ingredient Fruit Cake

So easy, a child could make it!

Moist Chocolate Cake

The easiest, most delicious cake in the entire world!

Nutella Cake In A Mug

Delicious Cake for one in three minutes!

Four Ingredient White Coconut Cake

Only 4 simple ingredients!

Strawberry Bread

Delicious any time of day - with butter!

Monte Carlo Cupcakes

Impress Your Friends!

Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

Delicious Bread Rolls Sweetened with Pineapple Juice

Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe

Make your own gluten free bread at home!

White Bread Machine Recipe

An easy recipe for your bread machine at home!

How to Make Bread Rolls At Home

It is so easy, and home made always tastes better!

Traditional Gingerbread Loaf Cake

A Christmas Tradition!

Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake

Cheap, Rich and Delicious!

Simple Bran Muffins

Makes You Regular!

Flourless Black Bean Brownies

A Flour-Free Brownie Option

20 Freezeable Muffins That Are Perfect for the School Lunch Box

Because Vegemite sangas can get monotonous!

Apple Cinnamon Blondies

Like Apple Pie, But Much Better!