Stay at Home Mum’s Baking Section is a selection of all of our cakes and breads – and we have a huge range of them. Strawberry Bread would have to be one of the more popular bread recipes whilst the best cake recipe would be the Sand Cake or Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake – yum.

Banana & Peanut Butter Porridge Bake

A Winter Breakfast Idea You'll Love

Two Ingredient Fruit Salad Cake

Only TWO Ingredients!

Sweet and Buttery French Lemon Madeleines

Delicate and Delicious Little Bite Sized Cakes

Rolo Chocolate Bar Cake In A Mug

Decadent Dessert in Two Minutes!

18 Old-Fashioned Recipes That Are Still Rocking Today

Old Fashioned Doesn't Mean It Isn't Fantastic!

Easy Three-Ingredient Pineapple Cake

Even your cat could make this!

Apple Slice Cake

Only 5 Simple Ingredients!

Easy Greek Yoghurt Flatbread

Only two simple ingredients!

Breakfast Muffins

Lemonade Scones

The Original Recipe for Lemonade Scones!

Whole Orange Cake with Lemon Drizzle Icing

So simple and sweet!

Healthy Oat Crepes


Delicious Pumpkin Scones

Oh yeah baby!!!!!!

Perfect Savoury Cheese Scones

Frugal Chocolate Mud Cake: Cheap and Delicious!

Cheap, Rich and Delicious!

Strawberry Bread

Delicious any time of day - with butter!

Bacon and Veggie Slice

The perfect frugal family meal!

How to Replace Sugar in Your Baking with Apple Sauce

Here's how!