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How much do you spend on kids school food

How much all up do you spend?
Just curious.
Iv started getting tuckshop every day as he willl way the salad sandwhiches from tuckship but not one I pack cos it goes too soggy.
It’s on $3.80 a day for it so iv recently started getting it daily. Then he gets an apple and a Muesli bar (expensive ones so $2 -$2.50 a each)
So I gues I spend about $7 a day for school food (fruit snack time too)
I feel this is reasonable cos I know he’s eating healthy and eating.
Hubby thinks I’m spending too much.
He stopped wanting his yogurt, he won’t eat most things he normallly eats cos he doesn’t like packed food. For the whole term 2 his lunchbox was almost untouched .
Just getting an idea what others spend and how far over the norm we are now adding ruckshop


Answers (16)

My kids get lunch orders occasionally. Sometimes they eat what I pack, sometimes not. I try to pack healthyish things they eat, but if they don't then they will be hungry.