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Are u on the pill????

Im 34 have two kids and I feel I just won’t remember to take it! Any other suggestions?


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I have four kids. Please, for your own sanity. Take the pill

 Love this!!!
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When I used to take the pill I had an alarm set on my phone. I also had a wallet case for it and kept them in the wallet part so I didn't have to go looking for them or think "oh I'm busy, I'll just go get it in a sec" and then forget

I take mine every night before bed, right after i have checked on and tucked in the kiddos. How do i remember? I think over the day, nothing could make me want a newborn on top of it 😂😂😂

I am but I have been on it for ages so I generally don’t forget.
Maybe set an alarm on your phone each day?

I haven’t been on the pill for years, after 3 kids I made my husband go and get a vasectomy.... otherwise we would have ended up having more kids. It was not hard to convince him.

 This is what I did too.
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 Same but with two kids. I waited about 7 years after the second to make sure we were done
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 Why didn’t you have a hysterectomy
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 It was his turn
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I haven’t been on the pill consisecutiveky now for 10 yes.
Anything hormonal just shouldn’t go into our bodies. Fu**s it up so bad.
I always used tracking/pullout/abstaining during ovulation but I know that’s not for everyone nor is everyone as in touch with their body enough but if your cycle is very regular I’d recommend it. Start to learn what your body does before it ovulates ect.

If no are you don’t with kids? Can’t hubby have a vasectomy??

I was on the pill for a while and hardline ever remembered to take it.

Yesn. Take it at dinner time, and keep a sleeve of them in handbag for if out at night. It's not hard

 Or every night as you brush your teeth.

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 I can't even remember to take important medication daily, I'd never remember the pill
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 I keep the packet next to my deodorant, so when I put that on each morning I take a pill.
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mirena was good for contraception, not so good for mood. For me anyway

I used implanon for 10 years, was great, no periods. But I've been off it for 2 years and not gotten pregnant, doctor said it might take some time but I'm now convinced I'm infertile

Put the pills somewhere you will see them and remember. Set a reminder on your phone.

I've got the Mirena, on my second actually. It's working fine for me.