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Why are some parents lazy ?

Qld girl, 4, assaulted in public toilet
Australian Associated Press
Australian Associated Press12 January 2019, 1:26 pm ACDT
Police are hunting for a man who sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl in a public toilet at a Queensland beach.

The man allegedly assaulted the girl on the afternoon of January 4 when she visited the toilet at Tickle Park at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

Who lets their child go to the toilet on their own

My kids are aged 4,6,8 and I follow them and my son is 8 and make him use the disabled
If hubby has one or two or 3 kids they use disabled and hubby waits outside


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An 8 yo girl was at a Perth shopping centre with her older brothers and her father some years ago. They waited right outside while she went to the toilet. How could they possibly know a monster was in there waiting, and she was raped and murdered..

Were you there when they 4 yo was assaulted ? If not, keep your Judgements to yourself. This is not on the parents... it is 100% the filthy pedo perverts fault.

I totally agree to a point. My eldest girls are 14 and 12 and i still make them go in pairs while i wait outside. However, its not the childs fault for needing to go and not necessarily the mothers for letting her. The filthy c$%t waiting in there for her is to blame. I think anyone who does that to a child should be taken out back and shot, tortured, castrated etc (and not necessarily in that order).

 No one said it’s the child’s fault
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I've seen lots of dads let their very young daughters go in alone because they don't know what to do, take them to the mens? Go in to the ladies? This is why unisex public to toilets are a good idea.

 But a man can still wait right outside the ladies toilets, no one can, nor should they stop them from doing that. It's not like he's going inside but on the same token he is still close enough if he us waiting at the entrance.
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 I will also add, I think it should be acceptable for parents who want to supervise young children to use the disabled toilet.
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 Disabled loos
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The perfect reason for 'parent' rooms to be made more readily available ! Then you CAN go in with your child, regardless of genders

I have been told off for using disabled toilets before, they were waiting while myself and two kids did number ones. This was by a blue care carer with a lady in a wheel chair. I work in community care so I was even more shocked that the carer was such a bitch! The lady in the wheel chair was so embarrassed apologetic.

I told her that my kids were too young to go in to seperate (male/female) toilets alone and that if I had of been in a wheel chair myself I would have no doubt taken longer than all 3 of us to pee and to get in there before someone else does.

It’s people like this that make parents question supervising their kids properly!!!