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So, groups of more than 2 people, public play grounds, skate parks & outside gyms have been added to 'THE LIST'


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People should have already been using their common sense and avoid those places. This is probably the most serious and deadly thing we will ever face in our lifetimes and people are being flippant about it. Do people really think the Liberal party would do 1 million people out of a job if it wasn't bloody serious???

 Some people have no brains
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It’s made imaginary tea parties extremely difficult.

Honestly, if people can just adhere to the rules. Stop socialising and stop going out unless necessary then this will be over very quickly without seeing total lockdown and mass deaths like we’ve seen in other countries.

Yes, I know. I watch the news.

 ^ Good for you 💙
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What about private property though? One of our best friends works away alot (remote truck driving) and is single. So he can't have anyone come over or go to anyones house? Not after opinions or what the 'right' thing to do is etc, already too many perfect people preaching but what is the actual, factual rule/law at the moment?

SAHM Staff This is the media release from yesterday for you to read through. Hopefully it will help to answer your question.
Otherwise there is a Coronavirus Hotline for further information 1800 020 080.

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 I really don't understand how people are confused by the stay at home and don't socialise with anyone that you don't live with rules! Come on people...Just follow the bloody rules instead of being selfish dicks so we can all get back to living our lives👍
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 Yep seems to a hard concept to grasp for some people
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 This isnt about 'not getting it'. Is it actually illegal to have 1 person at your house for a short period of time? Regardless of the stay at home thing - this seems to just be a very strong suggestion at this stage - which most people are doing, but can you actually get in trouble for going to someones house? Yes it may be irresponsible and not recommended etc but can you actually get a fine? I get if you have a party you'll get busted. But is there an actual law against visitors?
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 ^omg, seriously?!🤬
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 There shouldn't have to be a law for fu**s sake. People are dying!!!! People are losing their jobs (including me), look at the Super markets, look at the suicide rates since this has started, now that should be enough to understand how serious it is and not have anyone over even for a short period of time.
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 Im more worried about the economy collapsing and peoples mebtal health, suicides etc than the virus itself. We can only sustain this country for so long.
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