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Homeschooling how many hours?

Hi just wondering anyone before this pandemic homeschool just wondering how many hours a day for primary school students just trying to put a routine into place for after the school holidays thanks


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I know people that are doing the exact school routine. Wake up early and pretty much do the 9-3 with the relevant breaks in between. I definitely couldn’t do that. We start about 10 ish for about 3hrs. Probably get judged but it works for us and keeps us all sane.

 That's great. Better something is better than nothing 👍
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 You definitely shouldn’t get judged for that! I thought homeschooling can be just a few hours- it’s so much more intense..! I feel like in classrooms they spend a lot of time working the class levels... I’m surprised you’d be worried to be honest.
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 Yeah I thought the first few days we should stick to routine but honestly.. imagine how the kids feel? Everything has been taken away, it's hard enough for us adults to get used to it but my 4 just wanna see their friends and play in a park, things we took for granted!

So not pushing them to do hours on end of school work, they must complete some before they are allowed to play games but other wise if they want to cook and do art and let themselves be happy and enjoy some isolation time then I think for now that's what is important, they want to be close and comforted and know that everything is going to be ok

Our active/social little humans are stuck in a house and we are all they have, they are watching our every move to learn how we get through this experience, at least they can look back on time spent together, engaging in new conversations, learning life skills

My 4 ask daily (even over the weekend) to do school work and I reward them for each task they complete, no pressure

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Depends on how much you value your child’s education. Education does not mean sitting down and working from a book. I would be aiming for 4 hours a day plus some extra activities such as baking, fun fitness circuit and painting. Make it fun, you can do this!!!

 Why do i feel like she was holding pom poms when she said this?
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 Haha, I posted the comment. I definitely didn’t have any Pom poms but I kinda wish I did ;)
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I admire so many of you we just took a 4 week holiday lol

Will do more next term

2 hours formal learning each day at the most. A break every half hour

We are going to have next term off. We can learn about other stuff.

I am a homeschooler with my eldest child. We do most of our formal learning in the morning. It only takes a few hours.

My kids are in year 10 and year 7, we are currently on school holidays so we haven't really done the home schooling thing yet. We are just going to wait and see and not spend the holidays stressing out about it (although my eldest does have 2 assignments that he needs to start). I am sure that my kids will get through the work quicker at home than school, so I think as long as they are getting their work completed I won't be to strict with times.

 That's a really good way to to think about it! Thank you ☺️
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You know what, just reading to your child or getting them to silent read is so beneficial to their learning. Reading doesn’t just have to be novels it can be, flyers, recipes, instruction manuals and anything else with words.

My kids are yrs 7 and 10. They do all work set for them by their teachers. Sometimes it takes 4 hours, sometimes 2.

We have been home for 2 weeks and have this week to go before holidays start. My kids are Year 5 and 9. Their schools have done a fantastic job of loading content online. The log in at 9 and work through what they have been given for the day. Most days they are done by 1-1:30. There have been a few days that ran later but they aren’t the norm.

My kids are in year 10 and year 7 so they are definitely working from 9-3 so they don't fall behind and I still worry for them

I’m planning on doing 9.30 a 2.30 with some decent breaks in amongst that.