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Do you give your children dinner and a dessert, or do you just do a main meal and that is it?


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We have fruit after dinner here. We rarely have dessert - special occasions maybe?

My oldest (3) had dinner followed by fruit.
My youngest has dinner followed by yoghurt.

My oldest used to eat yoghurt instead of fruit but one day he decided he hates yoghurt.

Mostly just mains but sometimes we do special deserts just because. Probably about once a fortnight we have desert.

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When I feel like making it I will do a desert otherwise it is just a main meal and maybe an entree

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Kids have ice blocks/ice cream after dinner almost every night. They have the ones on a stick so they can get it themselves and no plates for me to clean up.

Main then half hour later once kitchen is cleaned they get dessert if they have eaten their tea then the older 2 get a small milkshake before bed.

Not regularly oldest will have an icecream if it's hot as a treat and I'll make dessert for everyone if we have guests over. Hubby and i indulge once the kids are in bed maybe once a week it's our date night treat

Sometimes they have dessert for dinner & dinner for dessert.
We generally have a hot lunch... roast, corned meat something with meat & vege in it. Dessert after we clean up from lunch. Homemade sweet dessert once or twice a week, custard & fruit, fruit salad are choices.
Dinner is sandwiches, sushi, sausages, pasta dishes with yoghurt & or fruit after if still hungry.

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Main meal only, if we are having people over for a game night or something we will do dessert.

Main meal and rarely dessert as such but they can always have fruit.

Just dinner and that's it. Occasionally if we've had dinner a little earlier they'll have some fruit later, but they're not usually hungry after dinner and the few times I did make dessert it just gets picked at and not really eaten so I save myself the effort