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What would you do?

I can't get a doctors app till next Tuesday (I live remote).
Since yesterday my upper body is so sore, not to move but to touch. It feels like I'm so bruised. Waking up today I am beyond exhausted and 1 part of my upper back is numb. I feel slightly dizzy and shaky. Do I wait till Tuesday or do I travel many hours to go get seen sooner??


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Call 13HEALTH and speak to a nurse.

 ^^^ this!!!!
They are great and will tell you if you need to be seen to by a doctor or hospital and when. I’ve called them when I’ve been worried and unsure and they have always been polite and helpful.

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OP Thank you, I didn't even know there was a number you can call!!! I'll give them a call shortly :)
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 This is an excellent idea! Perfect for these situations where you don't know if you should wait or not.

Good luck OP

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 No worries, I always do this for my family when I don't know what to do because we live rural. More than once we have been advised to go directly to hospital when I didn't think it was all that serious, they call ahead for you too.
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