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Car Seat Advice

I know it is frowned upon for a child 4-8 years to be in a untethered booster over a fully harnessed seat. But I have a dilemma where by my child is almost outgrown there compq car seat and to date I have not been able to find a suitable replacement seat. Would anyone have a car seat recommendation that is the same as the compq where there is no adjustable head rest


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Go to a cop shop

 Sorry how is going to the police station going to help most police officer have little knowledge of seats
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 Well just a guess here but I'm assuming they would know the law
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 Ha, doubt it. Police are clueless when it comes to car seats.
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Look up kidsafe in your state, they should be able to help

I think it's 145 cm (not sure of weight), rather than age. It's to do with not slipping out of the seatbelt in an impact.
Google it. I found a 'Britax safe n sound Kid guard' - up to 10 years of age (most are 8) by searching 'larger booster seats'. There were others as well.