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Cash rewards for missing people

Why does the amount vary so much? and why is there a cash reward for only some people and not everyone?? I think that is really sad that some people are worth more.


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The monetary incentive is usually ALWAYS aimed at an accomplice, they also usually get immunity if they were the lesser evil in the crime. Therefore you can tell when the police believe there are more than one party involved, the reward is much higher.

I think it is sad that people need a money incentive to come forward with important information.

If the police aren't as close as they need to be, a reward is offered to put the final nail in the coffin so they can charge someone. It's just the same if they have very little information, a reward can get the person they need. Other things that are taken into account is circumstances around a missing person or murder, money that is able to be spent by the government and public safety.

It isn't really about who is worth more, it is about who has disappeared under very suspicious circumstances. If the Police believe murder is involved they might not publicly release it, but they have their ways of knowing.