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I have to try my 2 month old on formula did anyone use goats milk formula? It will be one feed 3 days a week. She has a lot of wind so I'm a bit apprehensive


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I'm curious as to why it's only for a couple of times a week. Do you breastfeed the other times? Can you not express those feeds?

OP I only work 2/3 hours those days
I want to continue to breast feed.. And Iv tried expressing in every different way just nothing comes out or not enough anyways
Iv used a friends milk this week but know I'll need formula at some point

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OP I'll continue to give what I can actually express but it may not be enough some days so the formula will be a back up to the back up expressed milk
Ideally she won't be feeding much anyways but jus incase

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I used novalac for lactose intolerance and my son went well on that one

my Bub was allergic to goats formula and milk. Please be careful

Unless you also are not having dairy it's not going to make much of a difference. I have one child who could only tolerate rice milk formula

I used the goat formula with my son and he took to it well. He had major issues with the cows milk ones, he had every different type including the prescription ones for lactose allergy issues. All caused problems except the goat. He is 5 now and healthy as a horse.