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Christmas Tree Ideas

Hi. I've got a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Does anyone know of a good christmas tree alternative so the kids don't break it etc? We had a felt one last year and just put our normal tree up on the table for a couple of nights but kinda want something a bit more special. Thanks!


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Use lots of command hooks to make a tree on the wall, out of reach of little hands. String tinsel etc in a tree shape then add baubles etc.

 Search for 'wall Christmas tree' on Pinterest for ideas 🙂
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When my kids were little I always put the tree in a playpen so they could see but not touch.

 This is what we did too
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- Felt Christmas tree
- Smaller tree to put on the table
- Playpen around the tree

Do you have a fire place? Friends have one in the middle of tge room and strung lights from the outstide edge to the top of the flu - makes a cone/mas tree shape. The hang decorations of all the little holes in the meyal flu.. All the presents go around/on the fireplace and the metal fire protection/barrier/fence thing stips kids from getting to any of it! It looks great!

My kids weren't the issue when they were little, my cat was! But what about a diy cardboard chimney and paint in a tree? If you're creative that is