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I feel pregnant

I have just realised I have had pregnancy symtoms for the last few weeks at least. Nausea, tired, heartburn, peeing a bit more, night sweats and occasional sore boobs. I have the mirena though so I know I'm not pregnant. Not asking for medical advice but would love thoughts on what could be wrong with me so I might stop this feeling that I am pregnant. I can't see a Dr for a few weeks.


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Baby girl, the mirena is not 100% effective. Get the test!

Oh how stressful!! You said you can’t see a dr, but can you not get to a chemist or supermarket to get a pregnancy test? You can get pregnant on the mirena even if it’s a small chance it’s stjll a chance!!

Do a test to rule it out. If the mirena moves it can loose its effectiveness. Apart from that, the mirena can cause pregnancy symptoms, was one of several reasons I had mine removed after 8 months