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3 year old girl

I really need some x-mas present ideas, she has so many toys so I would like to keep any new ones she gets educational if possible. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)


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Musical instrument toys
A bike
A zoo day
Porcelain painting things
Bubble machine
New bed doona
Small trampoline or large lol
Tennis rackets or the tennis on a stick
A basketball ring
Books my daughter started loving cat in the hat books at that age particularly the lorax

Buy magnetic blocks, best thing ever for 3-4 year olds! Try searching "Magworld" on Amazon, they deliver to Australia.

 SECond that, it is the only toy that my kids (5,3 and 1) play with every single day. We have Magnatiles, but have heard that Magworld is good too!
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 Agree- my 8yo is always playing with them!
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craft stuff ? my kids have always loved doing creative things

I'd go with something that you use up, such as craft supplies, bubble bath, bath crayons, activity books with stickers/crayons. Otherwise a cooking kit of mixing bowl, spatula/wooden spoon, apron and a couple of packet mix cakes. Gift voucher for an experience like a day at the zoo or play centre.

Books! My kids love books and at 3 she'll be just starting to read.

Puzzle. Musical instrument- check kid section in music shop. A plant or garden ornament. A nice drink bottle or cup. A wooden spoon with her name engraved so she can help mum/dad with mixing in kitchen.

Make or buy dolls clothes for an existing doll or toy, or add to a set like duplo, Lego or train track