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We are renovating and its stressful cause we have lost an expensive necklace. My daughter is sick. I appreciate suggestions to reduce the stress in the household.

We have a child to consider.


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We could probably use more info, but as far as the necklacen think of everywhere ot could be lost. If it is irreplaceable, consider a small reward and some flyers. Also, check around the pawn amd consignment shops in your area, fb swaps, second hand jewlery stores, etc.
Are you doing the work yourselves? Maybe set the slow cooker up so you don't have to worry about stopping to cook. Don't over work yourself. Limit your "total work hours" (job plus reno time) to 12 hours. If it's a long process, take a day off once a fortnight to recharge. Also consider doing smaller reno instead of one big one. We did one room at a time amd took a few days off when we could after each one

Take care of your daughter first and look for the necklace second. Just keep looking until you find it. Start in one corner of the house and just keep looking. It's not rocket science.