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Accessing my super

I have 6 grand in super and it's all tied up in the "I can't withdraw it" account lol. So I am wondering is it possible to roll it over to another fund to be able to withdraw it? The reason is I'd like to put the money towards my house deposit.


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No. Unless you're in mega financial difficulty and have been unemployed for consecutive 6 months with no savings then you can't access it.

OP God dammit! Thank you for the info
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 I think another way is when people get doctors to write that they need surgery that's medically necessary to save them lol. Because all the people I know with gastric sleeve have withdrawn funds to pay for the procedure
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 Thats crazy. I know you can access it if you're terminal but I didn't realize doctors were doing that.
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Even if terminally ill some supers aren’t releasing and they then have to fight legally while dying. Don’t even bother trying