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How far along were you when you started to show and had to wear different clothes when pregnant? And was each pregnancy different?


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My first I didn’t have a need for maternity clothes until I was 34/35 weeks pregnant. I didn’t show until then and by that point I was off work I so didn’t buy any maternity clothes.
My second I was in maternity shorts at 16 weeks. I was huge with him 😅

DIfferent for all 3, i never really wore maternity clothes just bigger normal clothes or used a lacky band like someone else has mentioned.... I hid my third prgnancy for about 6 months.

I can't really remember, but it took a while in my first pregnancy, maybe 5-6 months? Second time, it was hard to hide by 3 months.

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I was wearing my usual clothes right through but I used the button extension hack on my jeans where I used a hair tie, looped it through the hole and wrapped it around the button. Works a treat. I also do it if I eat too much 😂

1st pregnancy- didn't start showing until about 26 weeks
2nd pregnancy- showing by 12 weeks