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Husband away for work

Do you like when he is away? Do you miss him? Do you do anything differently?


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I miss him so much but my household runs smoother

 You won’t divorce him cause you don’t want to get a job
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 🙄 my husband goes away as well frequently. I have a job and young children
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 Yep I'm with you I miss him but everything runs smoother
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 Same it's easier.
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 I have noticed this!
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 I work full time and raise the two kids haha so no I have a job thanks and I love him very much so why would I divorce him
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I stay up really late and have to set 3 alarms in the morning to get up haha. I enjoy having the lounge to myself, as hot as I want it, watching what I want to watch. Bliss

 Get a job while he is away sacrificing being home and you lay around! What a loser
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I miss him a lot but we have done a lot of distance so I am used to it. About the only thing that changes is I put his pillows in a T shape so that I don’t make a habit of taking up the entire king size bed

Love it
Gives me time to f**k my sugar daddy and yes he’s Greek

 I'm really confused by the yes he's Greek thing. Am I missing something? Is this a saying?
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