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Getting major jealousy issues

I found out my boyfriend recently made friends with some hot model which I know is exactly his type and he invites her to his events . I think the purpose of this is PR. I’m not present at the events as its interstate. I found out through social media of course. He’s liking all her photos. He doesn’t know I know and he didn’t tell me anything about her. Not sure how to handle my insecurity!!! People will day work on yourself but can anyone really turn a blind eye?


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i would be insecure af - but mainly because he didnt tell me

 Really? Mainly because he didn’t tell you and not because the other girl is a gorgeous model...?
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 Same. If he was open and upfront about it I would feel much better. The secrecy would bother me. If it is just for PR though, he might not think to mention it (maybe he friends and likes many different people but this is the only one that is a problem for OP). I would mention it to him and see his reaction. “I see that so-and-so was at the event with you?” If he volunteers that he friended her and she is really helping out - all cool. If he is defensive, angry, or downplays that he didn’t know she was coming - red flags.
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Sorry babe and I hate to be the first to say it but there 'friendshit' sounds like it's blossoming into something else. I've been there so I'm just saying. 😢

What would he say in a phone call... oh I am working with a super hot babe???
Does he tell you about every tiny bit of his day?
If you work in PR sometimes you need to be connected with hot models , they generally get attention

 No he doesn’t. Work is work but liking her photos from his personal account? don’t even know if they’re messaging each other? Can’t even confront him
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Is this the partner who blocked you on insta by any chance?

 Different OP. Similar problem except this is people he knows personallly
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Oooo this is a tough one if work related. Tell your boyfriend specifically what he needs to do in these situations to make you feel at ease - and that you want to work with him. I don’t think he’s done anything wrong if work related, he might not realise he’s upset you so much.