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Gift idea for 19 year old female..

$150 budget, I don't know her very well but know she's materialistic, in to high end kind of things. Brands. Etc. Like most teens I guess. Lol any ideas? Can't do beauty/massage or vouchers. Has to be an actual gift (damn it.)


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Gold class tickets? Beauty gift pack from myer/david jones, mimco purse?

 Great ideas, thanks!
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My sister is 19 and sounds a lot like this girl. I asked her and she said this

Well mimco off Ali express is always a winner and it comes with the expensive price tags on it and it is legit Orr if she is into exercise maybe Nike hat or Lorna Jane voucher if she likes makeup a good brand eyeshadow palette would be good or a contour pallet but brands matter for that haha umm or Pandora or if she likes the beach a good big beach towel"

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 You're welcome
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One of those swarovski leather blingy bracelets, they are $99 and you could get something go with like perfume? Or a Naked 2 pallete from Mecca and some good quality make-up brushes. Swarovski has lots of nice necklaces and bracelets & earrings in that price range! Tiffany & Co have a $125 keyring which is lovely. I think she would be more stoked with a gift then a voucher or pamper pack.

 Sorry just reread the question and it said no vouchers! So dismiss my last sentence :-)
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 Thank you! Great ideas
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What about a designer wristlette type bag? Cheaper than a full size but great as a wallet, purse, or clucth. Coach, Kate spade, and LV have some in the $150 range

I suggest something from mimco, very in fashion right now.

I wouldn't spend $150 on someone you don't know well. Gove her a pamper pack from a beauty place

 She's a family member and that's our budget this year. Circumstances just mean I have never had the opportunity to get to know her, not her fault. A higher end type pamper pack might do the job, thanks!
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 how much does she spend on u ?
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 I don't know, nor do I care.. she's a teenager haha
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 ^19 is not a teenager. 19 is an adult.
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She should be grateful for whatever you give her. Sounds like she needs bringing down a peg or two. I would be inclined to buy her something from Kmart/Target etc, and on the budget that you want to spend - not based on what you are expected to spend. It might show her how selfish she is being so materialistic! And sorry, 19 years of age is not "like most teens". At that age I had been working since I was 15, and was buying a house with my boyfriend!

 Just because someone is materialistic and in to high end things doesnt mean they selfish. She probably works to buy her high end stuff she likes. I did at 19. And $150 is probably a budget set for the family to spend on presents as secret Santa or kris kringle like my family does. We pick a name from a hat and buy for just that person and the limit is $150
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 I bought my house at 19 too :)

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 We decided our budget for her ourselves, I meant she was materialistic as in the things that she likes right now. Not that she's a spoilt brat. She is gracious and kind. ✌ I only mentioned the budget for the ideas people would offer.
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Brand name or trendy bags, makeup, lotions etc

The body shop gift packs always smell lovely and have a large range.

Mecca cosmetica. I don't even spend that on my own kids. But that wasn't the question. Anythin from there will be good.. they're very expensive

Are you near a harbour town shopping centre? You can get heaps of designer stuff there ... Clothes, perfume, make up..
You know stuff for going out.

 I thought maybe a handbag or something but I'm not sure my taste is still 19 year old "cool".. you know? I'm finding this one tough! Every one else is done!
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Why can't you do vouchers? What about $150 iTunes gift card?