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What do I do for my 40th?? Need ideas, suggestions, direction. What did you do?

I cant decide if I should have a big party or go on a holiday or something different/special. My birthday is in winter so hard to do at home if it rains as Ive got 60 people on my immediate list and could easily invite 100. Party of me just wants to go on an awesome holiday, but i know my family will want to celebrate with me and probably not be too happy about me going away and I kind of feel the same - I'd like to celebrate with all my special people. But its also my husbands 40th later in the year. I dont really want to do 2 big parties/events. Please give me your ideas!!! Have you been to an awesome milestone birthday or hosted one??


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Could you and your husband have a joint party AND go away somewhere special just the two of you?

So I’m thinking holiday is for you and a party is for the people you invite, at the end of the day the parties will be stressful to organise (possibly unless you’re super relaxed and organised, which I’m not saying you’re not) just to me parties take a lot of thought and effort.
For my 30th we went as a family (just hubby and kids) to an expensive hotel in our city and had exp dinners and invited our parents to the night of my bday and it was an awesome way to spend a milestone bday.
Another idea is go to somewhere like Fiji or Thailand and invite family to come (at their own expense) you could incite all the 100 on your list even. And whoever is able to come or can afford it comes and then you have a ‘party’ by hosting a massive dinner at the resort you’re staying at

I am 22

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 Too young to understand.
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For my 40th I went to Fiji with my husband & kids
I had the best day, it was just lovely - relaxed, kayaked, snorkelled, hung with the kids & then dinner & husband surprised me with a gorgeous ring
I didn’t have an 18th or 21st or 30th so celebrating this way was really special for me. I think I’ll do something similar for the next milestone too, he he.

Maybe you could do a combined party later with your husband, and a holiday for yours?

 How lovely. What a sweet husband you have.
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You could have a joint birthday on a cruise or at a resort, invite people, but most probably won't come. But you've done the nice thing of inviting them😉

I say holiday. We are just finishing up a 10 day holiday in Tasmania for my husband’s 40th.

My partner and I turned 40 within 6 weeks of one another. We invited 30 people to a restaurant for dinner. Set menu shared plates.