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What would you do with the money?

Answered 21 days ago

I have a $340,000 mortgage. Sometime in the future I have $200,000 coming my way. I want to pay 175k straight off the mortgage and use the rest for a family holiday. My husband would rather spend it on holidays and Reno’s we don’t really need. Just wondering what others would do? Save or splurge? I’m a saver.

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21 days ago
Invest it into digital assets like XRP and XDC.

22 days ago
Who is on their future death bed ?

27 days ago
You'll need to explain how the mortgage option helps you to free up money long term. I'm reluctant to say 'tough' as if he gets a windfall at some point he'll not be likely to give you a say.

Do a mortgage principal reduction as well. It reduces your mortgage balance by removing some funds in advance (doesn't have to be all). Otherwise the funds will be available for redraw from your mortgage & you'll still be fighting him.

29 days ago
Yep put it on that ring around your neck mortgage.

29 days ago
Pay the mortgage as you planned and put what you save on payments into a savings account called ‘renos’.

29 days ago
25k for holidays and Reno’s depending on the Reno’s of course
Definitely majority into mortgage.
Where is the 200k coming from? I realise you are a partnership but if it was coming from family/would be solely mine if I were to be single I would definitely be the one to decide