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Have you suffered post natal depression?

Answered 2 years ago

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2 years ago
Feel like im going thru it but not sure
I just had my third baby 6 weeks ago
Usually im a happy go lucky person and bounced back quickly with past 2 babies
This time
Ceasarian had complications
Hating neeborn stage
Googling shit i never cared about previously
Not coping with no sleep
Even asking muself if having baby number three was right for me
Just not sure what to do
My family doesnt beleive in depression so i just get on with it


2 years ago
Shit babe. I hope you're ok ❤

2 years ago
Yes, I was medicated for about 18 months for PND and PTSD after a horrific birth with my first born. My mum forced me to go to the doctor when my son was about 3 months old best thing she's ever done for me. While pregnant with my second I started to head down the depression path again and started prenatal treatment with a counsellor. I did not need medication with my second.

2 years ago
Prenatal anxiety

2 years ago