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Life after having gall bladder removed.

4 years ago I had my gallbladder removed, I had no Stones or pain but I had a tumor which was benign.
I feel like having the surgery was the worst thing I ever did. I constantly struggle with horrible reflex all day, I can't drink alcohol or I start to vomit, I can't eat certain foods (which I like), I have diarrhoea ALOT of the time. Is anyone else the same???


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I had mine removed 2 yrs ago. It has never given me reflux but I do get a very sore tummy if I eat too many fatty foods. I find that eating a very high fibre diet has settled my tummy down over time.

There is a support thread for gallbladder removal on Mumsnet that you might find helpful. It's under talk general health. Let me know if you can't find it and I will bump it into active for you.

OP Thankyou I'll look for it xx
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My daughter is going through this extact thing ... she has a hiatal hernia that is pushing through her diaphragm and is in Constant pain with all the symptoms you mentioned,she is now going through channels to get a sleeve done .

 A gastric sleeve? Why don't they operate on her hernia?
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Yep, this is me! Constant stomach upsets, reflux meds for life. Oh god how I miss pork crackling!

My sister and I had ours removed ten years ago. Neither of us have had any of the symptoms you’ve listed. I was warned about them but haven’t experienced them. The only thing I’ve experienced is that I fart a lot more. I was warned about that too.

This sounds just like my poor Mum. Having a bad gallbladder runs in our family and she has told us all if we can avoid surgery to do it. I’m sorry 🙁

I'm so glad it's not just me (no offence) but I felt like I was going crazy. I was on sucralfate for reflux for 2 years but went off it and now I take zantac extra every day.

Yes I have to take daily medication for heartburn forever! So get on it asap lovely can't tolerate much fat or dairy because I get the runs as well.

Yes I know what you mean. Can’t have bacon or cream otherwise I poop myself... which I have done in the early days... you just learn what to eat and what to avoid.