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How much was your centrelink midyear payment?

Just checked my app and says they are giving me 9k tomorrow. Was expecting 1500. Lots of arrears payments. Still dont think its correct so im calling tomorrow to double check. Anyone else get alot?


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I got 10k back. Went without FTB and rent assistance and had it paid as a lump sum instead.

 I didn't think rent assistance was offered yearly
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How did u get so much back we have only started recievein family tax 5 months ago and i checked the app today and it says we owe 10 k but i cant see how when i was totally honestly with earnings etc

 how much were you receiving and how much did you estimate? That's a very large amount to owe over a 5 month period?
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 You obviously didn't get estimates right. See an accountant
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Htf do u get that much back

OP I was only getting the base rate of family tax and i over-estimated my yearly wages so they were paying me less each fortnight than what i was entilted too. My arrears were about 7k, and then there was an enery suppliment of like 100$ and another suppliment thing for nearly 2k. Ill still double check with them though. I also pay extra tax from my wages as like a savings (come tax time i get that back) i dont know if youre in a position to do that but that helped alot too. I pay 40$ a week extra
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They dont usually mess that stuff up. I got 7500 back but i was expecting about that much as i over declared our annual wages by about 25k.

That's awesome, they don't often get it wrong so I would say that's all yours! I got about 3.5 back, like you I wasn't expecting that much if any at all. I thought I underestimated.