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How can some poor people afford private school for their child ?


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They're poor because they send their kids to private school

 They are poor before sending kids to private school
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 They are poor because they like to live vicariously to try and achieve what they are too lazy to achieve themselves. In this case they are living through and inflicting this on their children to make up for personal shortcomings in relation to intelligence.
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Our children go to private school, we have a very modest income but we budget for it and sacrifice as its important to us. We do not redraw on our home loan or go into debt, I put a set amount away every week so by the beginning of the new school year we have enough to cover all fees, uniforms, books etc. Paying up front also saves us 10%.

 How much are the fees per year
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This reminds me of a friend who used to bitch to me because I could afford a house cleaner. I pointed out to her that she had pay tv, a new phone and a better car than mine. My point is, we all make choices about our income. Even people on a modest income may manage it if they prioritise private school over other things.

 Some people are poor
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Some people make a lot of sacrifices to send their kids to private schools, holidays, having both parents work. I wouldn't worry too much about it, some private schools are great and some are very average same as public schools. Unless your local school is terrible I wouldn't worry about a private school. They learn exactly the same, it's more of a status than a better education (unless the school you live near is really bad).

 Having both parents work is a sacrifice?
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I often wonder this too. Debt is the answer my hubby keeps saying

Hi, I went to a private school despite being on a low income. People have several options. Most just do it tough, forgoing any luxury item or holiday and relying on hand me down uniforms but there are other options like low income or high IQ scholarships.
The private school was my only choice as there was one school 30 minutes away or a public which I'd already left after having trouble at (got hit in the head by a hammer during shop class and broke my frontale bone and gave me Ocular Motor Neurone Palsy)
My mother dumped me at a refuge at 15 after deciding she didn't want to look after me because I wouldn't admit I was a smoker and she wouldn't waste her time raising a liar. (They weren't my cigarette butts outside my bedroom window, it turned out to be a peeping tom). I don't smoke. I have bad asthma as I was a micropreemie.
Anyway i was able to get a part scholarship and share accommodation with a lady I saw in the paper advertising cheap student accommodation. If your children have won any literary awards and duxed any subjects in school you can apply for a part scholarship like I did. Some schools have tests you can take and if you score very very high they will take you on as a part or full scholarship. You can also ask for a low income scholarship and get the smith family to have a rich person sponsor you for a thousand dollars a year. All you have to do is send nice photos, a few copies of your school work to show how hard you are trying to the donor once you are accepted.
I worked for very little at a local supermarket packing shelves at night and on weekends to get the money I needed to pay the other half.
Its worth it if you find a school that is the right fit for you and your children's educational needs.
My children will be going to the same school I went to. Although it will cost allot of money I'm happy to take on extra hours and cut back on everything to ensure that they have are good education.
Ironically me and my husband sponsored the carnival they had to raise funds for much needed work. We hired a helicopter for sightseeing where people would pay for a ride.... And went a little credit card happy at the silent auction. Haha. I guess what goes around comes around.

The more children you send the cheaper it gets with some schools. I think 4th child is free. 2 kids costs 1 and 1/2 fees etc.

Redraw on home loan, thats what alot of people we know do.

 some rent
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I plan to send my daughter to a prestigious independent school, the fees are not much more than child care and i will sacrifice what i have too to send her there. Single working mother with a mortgage and zero help from her father. I've done the numbers and i can afford it, some schools aren't actually that expensive.

My kids go to a private school and it only costs me $80 for the both of them. Everything else is supplied like books, excursions etc. I just have to purchase their uniforms. To me it's not expensive to make sure they have a good education.
I know kids will learn wherever they are if they're willing too, but we live in a small town and the public schools here are way too overcrowded in their classrooms. They have 35 kids per room, where my children only have 20-25 kids in their class and are provided with two full time teachers.
My brother went to a catholic private school when we were younger and it cost my parents $10thou a term! Things were tight that's for sure, they made massive sacrifices so he could attend that school.

 $80- a week sorry.
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 $40k a year?
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 No $4000
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I prefer to send my kids to the local public school and go on family holidays, I'm selfish because I want to spend my money creating family memories.

 Us too. Saving so much for a 6mont trip around America. They will leads so much more than going through a private school.
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 Don't feel bad, do you realise they lean exactly the same things except the religion part at public and private. Also kids from public high schools tend to do better at uni as private schools really focus on results, once in the big world often find study difficult.
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 I don't feel bad our local primary was one of the top performing primary schools and our local high also performs well with small class sizes
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 Private school doesn't necessarily guarantee a great school. There's lots of public schools that are wonderful. There's a little country school close to us I'd love to enroll the kids in but instead we are going private as I work a few streets away from that school which is convenient.
They have goats, chickens, small classrooms, lots of charity work and a very good reputation.
Just do what works for you as a family. That's all that matters in the end

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Scholarships. My family was extremely poor growing up but I managed to get scholarships for private school. My parents only had to pay for my books.

 Me too. I got half gifted to me and half I payed for.
The uniforms nearly sent me broke. They wanted like $200 for a jumper, $32 for a tie and even the stocking had to be a certain denier so were more expensive. Luckily I found a lady selling her kids old uniforms on a noticeboard.

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Most catholic schools are probably the cheapest private school you can go to. It goes up a little with each extra child but not as much as the first one. But, they are basically just like a public school but with the religious input. So even though they are cheap you really aren't getting a better education for your kids, you're paying for religion

 You are paying for much more than just religion.

They can select their teachers and dismiss them with autonomy, they decide class sizes, they can expell children and young people at their discretion and they can set behavioral standards for children and discipline in a manner that government schools can't.

If there is a problematic child in a non government school, they'll be removed from the class or school or be given appropriate support but in government school that child will have few consequences and go on to disrupt the learning of others.

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 They can expel kids but won't necessarily do it.
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Not sure, why don't you tap a poor person who's sending their kids to private school on the shoulder and ask them?

Scholarship, sacrifice, loans, not as poor as you think???