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Low Sugar Yogurt

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the beginning of the year. Obviously we have to monitor his diet pretty carefully. One of his favourite snacks is blueberry yogurt. His dietician gave us the go ahead to try the brand he normally eats but sadly it makes his blood sugar spike. So, I am looking for another brand. Does anyone know of a low sugar brand that comes in blueberry? I'm meeting with his dietician again next week and can ask her as well but was hoping to be able to find him some before then.


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I have gestational diabetes and I have had success with the yoplait yoghurt. What about a plain yoghurt and adding blueberries? I find also sticking to the serving size and having a small 15 min walk also helps

OP Thanks, I'll look into Yoplait. I've thought about going with the plain yogurt but he really isn't fond of it. I'm not sure how much better adding the blueberries would make it but I am willing to give it a go if I need to.
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 What if you puree frozen blueberries and freeze them in ice cube trays. He can pop one or two our and put it in his yoghurt
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OP That's brilliant! I'll definitely try that. It's not an all the time snack anyway but I really don't want to cut it out completely.
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A little off topic, maybe do some research into LCHF diets regarding T1D. I have seen, first hand, the benefits of this way of eating.

Try natural Greek yogurt blitz with natural frozen blueberries x

The diet yoghurt has more sugar than the full fat ones. Maybe a vanilla full fat with blue berries added could work.

OP I'm not really looking for a low fat option, just one that has less sugar. 20 grams is a bit much. I found some in strawberry that only had 7 grams but he doesn't like strawberry yogurt.
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 ^^ Not true. But many of the diet ones (those that say they are low sugar) have more fat than the non diet ones to make up for it. And the low fat ones have more sugar to make up for it. The only yoghurt I have found that has low fat and low sugar is the Yopliat Forme.

OP, I think what you need to do is read the labels I all yoghurt. You know how much sugar your son can have in a serve.

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 The diet yoghurt has artifical sweetners thats why they can say low sugar. Artifical sweetners are worse than sugar
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 Not if you're dibatetic!
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 It actually depends, I had gestational diabetes and artifical sweeteners made my sugar spike
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 Artifical sweetner are bad for diabetics too.
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OP I have been reading the labels and thus far nearly all of them are super full of sugar. I just wanted to know if anyone knew of one that wasn't so I can give it a try. I know about artificial sugars, regular sugar, fat, etc. I'm just trying to keep my kids diet as normal as possible. Blueberry yogurt is a favourite of his. He didn't eat it that frequently to start with because of how much sugar was in it. But then it wasn't as big of a deal, now it is. I don't want to cut it out completely unless I have to. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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Chobani? I know GDM isnt the same as Type 1 but it certainly helped keep me full and sugars always down. Good luck

OP Thanks! I'll look at that as well.

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