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Do doctors and nurses sleep together or is it just a myth? Has anyone heard of married doctors having affairs with nurses?


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Just like in any profession where men and women are spending the majority of the good hours of their day together. People at work are often on their best behaviour, presenting themselves well, sharing a social group with each other and working on shared goals together. It is a very easy environment for affairs to get established.

Yes, saw this heaps while training. Particularly between younger nurses and interns

Gee, I’m married to a doctor - should I be worried? 😳

There are just as many female's training to be doctors as males these days. So I actually found there were more junior doctors dating fellow doctors, than nurses dating doctors when I was working in the hospital.

Yes, my obstetrician had an affair with his nurse. They are now married and his ex wife is also a Dr and she married one of his good friends. I know of several Dr + nurse marriages too. Also police + nurse marriages is another match up that seems to happen a lot.

 I guess they understand each other? The stresses and workloads. Also the shifts.
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 I see bankers and teachers a lot
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 Police and Nurse? Odd
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 Not really odd they would see each other a lot when the police bring people into the hospital
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Yes it does, as a nurse you can sometimes spend more time with them than your own husband so I can see how it happens. I see it I’d say relatively frequently