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Ato garnishing account

Long story but here's the basics- hubby has life threatening illness. Cannot pay tax debt as he's stopped working. Has called ato millions of times but they demand full amount (20k). Applied for release from debt and got rejected. Written multiple letters explaining situation, no luck. Rang rhem last week and asked again for payment plan. Got the run around. Now they've sent a garnishee notice for 30% of his income. He's on disability, I get carers allowance. We already are facing eviction cause we can't pay our rent. What the fuck do we do to get them off our back. The stress is making him sicker and affecting our relationship. We want to apply for bankruptcy but don't know how. One place quoted $400 to do it, how do you pay them when you have nothing!!! I cannot deal with anymore. This is on top of a bunch of other debts accrued when we still lived comfortably


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You should be able to go bankrupt on your own. My bil has to do it and got the paperwork sent out to him

As stated you can go bankrupt but will still be liable for the tax debt. ATO debts became an exemption to bankruptcy because people were going bankrupt because of tax debts. You should be able to modify your payment plan to an affordable amount.

I thought even if you go bankrupt you still have to pay your ato debt? We too have a tax bill from the last 2 years (as didnt do tax) and we have a payment plan with them. We pay a certain amount each week - i just do it online with a code they give you.

even if you go bankrupt you still have to
Pay ato & sper ( state penalty enforcement register i think it stands for, court fines, speeding tickets etc)
It will probably release you from your other debts though to make it easier.
Even if you die your next of kin is responsible for your ato & sper debt.
When i declared bankruptcy it cost me nothing. I called got paperwork. Filled it in, attached copies of all outstanding debts.

 When I went bankrupt my tax account went into administration. They started a new account and that's what is now used for all my tax. I'm guessing if I'm ever rich in the future I will have to pay it back, but at the moment I do not.its just been sitting there for 5 years, no interest is being added or anything
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 Additional to this, if the tax bill is under $25k then you are eligible to pay it off on a payment plan. I had a tax bill for last year, I told the ATO that they either accept what I was willing to pay or they get nothing.
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 Yes you can do a payment plan but they always want a big lump sum for the first payment
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