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Getting pregnant after IUD

Has anyone found it difficult to get pregnant after having a copper IUD ? I had it in for a year and bled the whole time, I’ve now had it out for a year and been on no other birth control but still haven’t gotten pregnant ! My period has also become very irregular since having it out - months in between periods - I’ve been to the doctors and had blood tests, ultrasounds, smears, swabs , and everything has come back normal. I’ve had two children prior to the IUD and gotten pregnant easily within 3 months or so and finding it hard to understand why this time round it’s so difficult. Has anyone been through anything similar or have any tried and tested tips for getting pregnant please ! 🤞🏼


Answers (1)

I have no advice, but I use implanon and after it taking it out its been 3 years and not pregnant.
I feel like my body should have returned to normal but my periods are still not regular yet!
I think I'll seek medical advice soon