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Pregnancy weight

So im pregnant. 164cms. Weigh 79 kgs.
In this pregnancy... i wana lose weight... has anyone lost weight whilst pregnant? How?


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Has your doctor advised that you lose weight? Because it's generally considered unsafe to do. Perhaps you could work with a nutritionist as well as your doctor to ensure that you and baby are getting what you need to be healthy. Also discuss suitable exercise with your care providers, because exercise during pregnancy makes for an easier labour, a better recovery and reduces your risk of post natal depression. If you're struggling with body image, please also consider seeing a psychologist. Our bodies change so much over our lives, not just during pregnancy, and learning that healthy matters more than skinny is important.

 It really depends on your circumstances. Because so many people are overweight these days with high bmis doctors can recommend weight loss and no gaining of weight during pregnancy or you can't give birth in regional/ rural hospitals,
smaller city hospitals, and probably some metro but I'm not sure on that one.
I met many people during my pregnancy who needed to lose weight to get their bmi under a certain number

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 BMIs are bullshit. And this OP is probably within a weight range that would be considered "slightly overweight", so the recommendation would probably be good nutrition and suitable exercise to ensure her weight gain stays within "acceptable" parametres. Which is why I suggested discussions with her caregivers.
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I lost weight with all my pregnancies and gained it back and some when breastfeeding. It was from eating healthily and smaller portions more often. Also I walked everywhere.

So without being rude, I think this was only asked (within the last month?) recently. Try searching as I remember there were some helpful answers. All the best and just do what is safe for you and baby.
Eat small portions and regular meals to make sure you are still getting nourishment for you both so baby can grow 💕