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Depression and cleaning

I have been suffering quite severely from post partum depression and my housekeeping standards have gone from OCD to only just liveable because I am just so flat and tired.. so very tired.
My whole house is finally clean, I got it all done and beautiful which funnily enough has made me feel really good these last few days! But my question is how do I keep it this way, until Christmas at least when all our family comes?
I just get so overwhelmed so fast with anxiety, does any one have a day by day list to help me?
I can push through and function if I have a list to follow but if I don't my head is so fuzzy I can't even think for myself.
I hope this makes sense.
Thanks :)


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I second the daily lists. I am 37 weeks pregnant, 4 kids, low iron stores, low vitamin D and extremely tired and forgetful because of all the above. The thing is, you can not get EVERYTHING done every day but if you write down a few tasks daily that are top priority and cross them off as they are done, it will stop things from getting overwhelming. I would like my house to be immaculate and display-home like but I had to give up that dream in my current circumstances and settle for "good enough". When I do get the energy, I go to town and get heaps done, other days, it's just essentials, like dishes, laundry, meal on the table, tidying up and bathing kids.

I have a daily list and cross it off.
I add an extra weekly thing every day, like window sills. We live in a really dusty area. Crossing it off makes me feel like I have done something too

 Me too. I just forget things I planned to do if I do not have them on a list. I also have every little item as a separate item on the list, because it lifts my mood seeing the items get crossed off; it creates a feeling of achievement.
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I spent the weekend cleaning everything in my house, pantry, closets etc how I have everyone over in Sunday so I have to keep it tidy till then. I have a little list, things that get dirtiest the most I'm leaving till Saturday night. Such as my kids bathroom so I only have to do it again once. Try and plan out what room you use more etc

It makes sense. I've been there. Shit I'm there now. I find that music helps get me up on my feet. Then I start at the door of the room I'm in. What's the first thing I can see? Clean it. The next thing? Clean that too.