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What’s the best thing about the virus ?

Not seeing in laws

More sex with hubby

House cleaner

Saving money on shopping


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The benefits for the environment with humans grounded

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 I was kind of thinking that too. It's almost like the earth has a chance to heal some of the damage we've done
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I can relate to all of this and reading over all of these answers, doesn’t it make you think - isn’t this the way we should be living anyway..without the crisis?? I think there’s a lesson for all of us and there are positives to be found in any situation.
Take care everyone.

We're saving a tonne of money, I didn't realise how much I was spending on fuel, work lunches, getting coffees for meetings, buying this and that at the shops every day, buying ingredients for meals daily. I've been off work for 3 weeks now, being paid my annual leave weekly instead and haven't spent a single cent of my wage. My husband and I are starting to wonder WHY I even work full time.

 We are in a similar boat. No Childcare Fees. No extra activities or gym. No money spent on fuel and still both working full-time at home. Did the budget for April last night and was shocked that we should be able to save just over 5k this month
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No daycare or dance or sport fees
We let our housekeeper and gardener go
my teenager isn't holding her hand out for pocket money several times a week 😅
Saving a fortune

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Time. All our house projects are getting down and the house is already looking how we wanted it to.

I am an essential worker

 Me too. And I go to work feeling terrified for what I may bring home to my own family.
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I'm loving not having to rush and just being able to stay at home and spend time with the kids and them being able to play together more. We have time for family activities and for a daily walk. Saving money on petrol. Kids aren't constantly asking to go somewhere (movies/ play centres etc) and we can enjoy being home instead of constantly rushing to get somewhere on time and akways being out of the house.
It's actually quite a wake up to see how fast paced our life had become and it's so nice to slow down and to reevaluate what really matters in life

Saving money. We're pretty frugal but no daycare, swimming lessons, petrol & bits & pieces are saving about $250 a week. Also 12k in front from our cancelled holiday (gotta look for a positive in there somewhere!)

In laws can't visit. That's a gold star bonus.

A break from the endless cycle of routine.

Not rushing everywhere. Slowing down.

I love how in my neighbourhood we are seeing a lot of families going for an afternoon walk together. Seeing them wave and smile at neighbours as they walk past.

The best thing for me is that I don’t have to deal with a person that I hate. I can never seem to escape her. She puts her nose into everything I’m a part of. School, sports, friends circle. I am loving not having to deal with her all the time. My stress levels have dropped without her in my life.

Saving money - still two incomes
Not having to travel into work - both work from home
Talking to the kids and seeing / spending time together
Going for a walk and waving and smiling to people
Cleaner house - no cleaner but kids are helping
Slower lifestyle
No rushing

Baking with my children. Family country drives (not anymore with stage 3), not ideal since I lost my job but in getting time to organise the house. And hopefully an isolation baby at the end of this 😂🤞

Kids are starting to get along better. I have 4.5yo and 3yo, they usually fight constantly. I think it’s a power struggle between them as they reestablish their pecking order after being separated for various activities. Being home together all day everyday I’m starting to notice they’re playing really nicely together, making up their own games etc. they still have their moments when they fight, but it’s not constant like previously.
I’m also finding time to do the extra cleaning and organising I don’t usually have time for when I’m dropping kids to kinder, swimming etc