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Do you think there's any one you know lurking here?


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I always try to pin what people would write on here to people I know. It makes for a fun game in my head, works exceptionally at school drop off/pick up.

A question on here was asked in a facebook group I am in and it is nearly word for word the same. I am guessing it is the same person.

So I created the "Movie Quotes" post.
So far 42 answers (my record by far and I'm very proud!) but directly after I posted "We want a shrubbery" to my FB timeline, is this a giveaway??
I would think so if I were one of my friends

the top of the page tells me about half a dozen of my Face Book friends like Stay at Home Mum so it's very possible. But I don't know if anyone has actually posted Ask SAHM. But I'm sure some of them at least read it.

I know a lot of people vaguely who are parents so I imagine theres people I know on here but I dont think any of my close friends are.

Definatly I can imagine a few of the nasty trolls as people I know too 😕 Iv turned a few friends onto this page and tell them I spin bullshit ha I recon they could guess me

yes, sometimes there are posts that sound like they could come from someone I know and it does make me wonder

Yes the one who has had sex with Chris Hemsworth in high school. We went to high school together and I'm pretty sure she's on my facebook, our mums are very close friends. I think it's her, I know they were very close at school and still keep in contact.

 Hehe could be me 🙊
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I have my suspension lol😂

 In your car? Or suspicions in your head LOL
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 Pressed the predict text thingo and didnt even look twice. But yes i meant suspicion lol. Thankyou for pointing that out.
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Probably! I'm pretty identifiable so guessing anyone who knows me would be able to recognise my posts/responses. I'm not too concerned though.