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Diagnosing stress??

It just hit me that I cannot remember the last time I felt happy and calm, 4 years ago? I'm not depressed but I'm just on edge all the time and completely drained, it's constant alertness and I never feel refreshed in the morning, my eyes are hanging out of my head all day, and then I can't sleep at night. I think I have a hormonal imbalance and maybe I'm making too much stress hormone? I'm not a doctor-lover and I don't really even know how to go about checking this. Has anyone had stress bloods taken? Will the doctor just laugh and tell me that's life?


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Is there a test for stress hormones?

I think I am too since the loss of my baby.. Sleep is all over the place.. Dandruff, dry skin.. Sore muscles..

I hope your doctor will be able to get to the bottom of it.

OP Oh I'm really sorry to hear that, has it been long since you lost your baby? Are you getting any help??
We had a stillborn baby in that time too, which brought some PTSD which was more than grief, it was self loathing and guilt, huge anxiety, night sweats, shame, just reliving every moment of those few days for weeks and months on end. I have come to terms with our experience and hope you can heal soon xx
I now feel resolved about that birth (with a massive black spot on my heart) but when I feel anxious or stressed I now have heart palpitations and can feel my blood pulsing for hours afterwards. I think a gp can order hormonal bloods to check for cortisol which is stress hormones.

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 Yes.. Meeting with SIDS counseling next week. Thank you, I'll read up on this. I've never had dandruff before.
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There isnt really any blood tests for stress. However your doctor may ask some mental health questions. It is really important to go get this checked out and listen... get checked for any underlying health problems and then also get advice on handling that stress. Some sessions under medicare to see a psychologist could be helpful in terms of finding ways to manage stress. The problem here is that if you continue like that you will be at risk for lots of nasty illnesses. Also check into adrenal fatigue. They usually figure that out through a 24hr saliva test for cortisone. Go talk to your doctor- he isnt going to laugh you out of there I promise :)

Your gp can give you a written survey (sorry,can't recall the exact name of it) which asks you questions about how you have been feeling over the last few weeks as a diagnostic tool for stress,anxiety and depression. It will rate you as nil, mild,moderate or severe. I would also suggest a full blood check- it could be your adrenal glands or possibly thyriod. Try to get a referal for a psychologist-it can take a while to get in. Goodluck.

Everyone has stress, it's a normal part of life. How you handle it is what matters. But how do you know you're not depressed? From your post I say you very well could be. Go see a doctor. They won't laugh at you.

OP I never even used to believe in stress wen I was younger but yes o understand people have different tolerances. Maybe my understanding of depression is off but I'm not sad or withdrawn or anytging like that, it's more a constant state of hair pulling 😟
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 It's a myth that depression is all about sadness and wanting to die and withdrawing yourself from others. Depression manifests itself in many ways, sometimes it anger, or feeling sad or just feeling numb. It's a distinct lack of joy in all aspects of life. In any case, you should visit your doctor. Describe how you're feeling. Ask for a full physical as well.
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Stress is one of the symptoms of depression. Go to your Gp and talk to them about it and educate yourself. Knowledge is power.

 Knowledge is power? Educate yourself?? How rude of u! She wants other people's thoughts?
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 Knowledge is powerful. If you don't find out the information you need how can you possibly expect to deal with it properly.
I was. NOT being rude.

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