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Marriage proposal

Found out my partner is planning to propose to me this sat at sea world
I find public or family gathering proposals tacky
Have you been proposed in public or at a family gathering?


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Just be really happy this man wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Best of luck xx

Yes in public right near a bunch of nosey Japanese tourists who all turned and gathered just staring at us. Cringey.

Oh I never got proposed to but he wanted to on top of table mountain in Cape Town (home town) and there were so many people

Hubby proposed in a hot air balloon. Everyone else was either too distracted or minded their own business, so I didn't mind. If you have been very clear to your partner in the past that you hate public proposals, I'd actually turn him down for not respecting your wishes. But if he doesn't know, just try to make the best of it I guess. Or spoil it and tell him you know and would prefer it a different way, but that may backfire.

I once witnessed a proposal on a ferry. I was the only one up on the deck as it was freezing and they thought they were alone. I felt like I was intruding in a private moment. I also realised the idea of a man bending one knee literally looks like he is begging the woman to marry her. So glad my husband didn’t kneel.

We were in in a public area but he waited until there were very few people around

No, once was a whispered proposal at work in the busy kitchen.
And once was in public, but there was no one around. That's the one I said yes to.