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Those "my house is always a safe zone/inbox me if you are feeling suicidal" posts on Facebook

Do you post them?
Under what circumstances do you think people would be comfortable turning to YOU in their hour of need? How do you think they would even initiate that conversation?
It's 1:48am and I'm awake having a fucking anxiety attack and the only people I could talk to (over Facebook messenger) are random people from my teenage years. For example, a guy I used to work with, a friends brother, a girl I went to school with but wasn't close with, and one asshole who has posted that shit mentioned above but would be delighted at my upset. 3 out of 4 have posted that crap but what doesit even mean?

I'm a sad, pathetic mess. Even killing myself wouldn't help. Jesus I'm so fucked that even death wouldn't be a relief.
Go see a doctor: I can't afford it right now it needs to wait until they bring bulk billing back to our GP.


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If someone in your state of mind was to contact me and say "hey, I'm having a rough time can I talk some things out with you" I'd happily listen. Even if we hadn't spoken for years. There is no circumstance where I would turn away someone just because we werent close friends. Hell, even my abusive ex could contact me for counsel and I'd listen. And he was a real shit bag.

But, in terms of approachability, I don't think that's up to me. If someone needs to talk, they have to come over the hurdle and just do it. I can't read their mind and reach out unless they make it clear they need someone to.
Did you end up getting back to sleep? How do you feel this morning?

There's some free help lines you can actually call and talk to people! I think they are good because people don't know your situation so you can kinda vent without them making any assumptions because they know you first!
I have a print off of some because I also have terrible anxiety, so I'll look for it and share the numbers with you xxxxxx

 Lifeline is 24 hours 131114
Suicide callback service I think have someone who will ring or text after initial call to do a welfare check on you, 1300659467. They might have an online chat servic.

And I just saw this on Google

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 Thank you. I'll honestly consider calling them. Thank you so much
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 Good luck ♥
I hope your gp works out bulk billing, $90 appointments are ridiculous, so I totally get you!
Eventually I went to see a GP as I thought my anxiety attacks were killing me (thought I had heart problems and it was mini heart attacks) and I was so distressed and on edge and teary all the time, I couldn't even go into public for fear of having a "heart attack"! It was actually a relief by the time I saw someone to get help!
I'm not sure if they're open 24 hours but maybe try the online chat services with those helplines too! At least then you don't have to panic and cry and struggle to try to get words out over the phone!
There is hope, sometimes it can take a while to get the right help but it's worth looking for it! I hope you feel better soon 😊

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In the last week, two people (who do not know each other) I know have taken their lives. the out pouring of grief has been overwhelming. It is clear those who decided to end have handed their pain to those left behind. One of those was a mother with two very young kids who now have to grow up with that pain and without their mum.

There is nothing worth killing yourself over. There is always hope. Please call someone, even if it’s a helpline.

Maybe those that are posting these things are reaching out to you in a way that is indirect. They aren’t going to post stuff on every single persons wall. But maybe they are saying, if you are suicidal and we didn’t like each other in school (for example) I’m still here for you In your hour of need. And maybe don’t judge them that it may seem crazy, you never know; those odd people may have been in ur life once for a reason.
Whether you choose to hit them up for help or not, I really Hope you seek help somewhere some how. No matter how bad things are, someone somewhere may be able to help. Just reach out. All the best

Let me tell you something. No matter how much you let someone know if they want to kill them selves they will. You will never stop them. They will find a way and do it. That’s after 3 family members committing suicide and over 20 years in the funeral industry getting the police contract deaths (suicides, murders, trains, cars etc)

 Sometimes people just need someone to reach out to them as well
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 I don’t agree with you. I know of people who reached out, found help, and are still here today. There is hope so don’t give up on people and dont have the attitude oh they’ll do it anyway. Im sorry for the losses you’ve had.
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