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Which name

DUes to have our first baby and we like Imogen, but can not decide on a middle name. Which sounds better, we have a one syllable surname . Imogen Isla or Imogen Mila?


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Immy isla can a cute ring to it

I feel like the m in Imogen doesn’t go with the m in Mila well, it doesn’t flow of the younger as easy

Imogen Isla rolls

 Agree. Isla
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 ** off the tounge I mean not of the younger lol
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Sorry OP, dont mean to offend but im not a fan of either, Imogen Rose. Best of luck and congrats for when bub is born xoxo

 Eek I know this is just gonna come off as bitchy but I can’t stand rose as a middle name. It’s like Marie (my middle name lol) soooo many kids with it or a double barrel name ***-rose
For me it’s a cringe name

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 Or Imogen grace. I personally love grace as a second name but I know a lot of people don’t
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My sisters name is Imogen Rose

 That is pretty
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Imogen Jade? Honestly though, how many times can you recall anyone using your middle name as an adult, or even past the age of 2. We put a lit of emphasis on middle names as babies, but it doesn't really matter. Go with what you like.

How about Mila Imogen (insert surname)
I think the other way around has a better ring to it. The two middle names you have chosen imo don’t flow. Good luck with the birth 😊

 I might be the only one, but I took consideration into choosing names with what the initials would spell. Mila Imogen Smith for example; m.i.s
But everyone is different

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I like mila much better but in terms of what sounds better when the two are put together, Isla