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Studying a degree in late 30s

Answered 2 years ago

Did anyone start studying for a degree when they were in their late 30s? I'm considering studying to become an OT but it's going to be a big commitment, 4 yrs full time while working part time plus kids. I'd be mid 40s before I graduate assuming I can study at a full time study load.
I finished a diploma a few years ago but a degree is a bit different.
If you have done it, would you do it again if you had your time over? Is your new career worth it? It would be a complete career change for me.

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2 years ago
If you don't, you'll regret the fact you didn't give it a go. If it doesn't work out, you know you tried anyway.

2 years ago
Thanks everyone, you have confirmed what I have been telling myself. Still scary though 😬
No, I did ask the question a few days ago but I will search for it to see the responses 😊

2 years ago
Did you ask this question a few days ago?
Im early 40s and Im studying part time now. I have an undergrad degree and I work in the field I want to be in but need postgrad study to get further. So I guess thats a bit less risky but still takes time and effort (I have 3 primary kids and work as well)
If you are late 30s most people this age will be retiring at 70 so there is plenty of time left to use what you learn. The only thing I would mention is that I have heard of women experiencing age discrimination in their late 50s in the workplace. But then I guess thats all the more reason to have qualifications behind you and OT is a field thats only going to grow. Good Luck

2 years ago
I got a masters in a different field at 46. I didn’t change careers but use this degree to enter a different industry. I think you will regret not doing it, we will all be working longer. Undergraduate degrees are a big step up from TAFE so you will need to really put the effort in, I recommend not overloading your study schedule. Good luck


2 years ago
1000% agree.
I couldn't fathom this now, my degree in my early 20s was hard enough. Let alone now.
BUT when we have this many working years ahead you have to enjoy it. So trudge along and give it your best. Who cares if it doesn't work out - at least give it a try!
Good luck matey!