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Anyone else over home schooling in Melbourne?

I have a 5 yo who needs constant help/ support in every aspect of the learning program our school sends out each day. It’s driving me bananas, i have no time to do much else every single day and it’a starting to make me dread weekdays! Anyone else feel the same?


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If I was home schooling a 5yo, I'd probably only spend about 2-3 hours per day doing the set work. The rest I'd just involve them in what's going on in the house and turn it into a lesson (like counting as you stack the dishwasher, matching socks in the clean washing, sorting toys by type/colour/material etc).

Be fair on yourselves and your kids. It's your home, not a school. They're your child and you're their mum. Enjoy it and when it's getting too much just chill. This year's been a wash out. When you're about to lose your shit just look into their beautiful eyes and have a big hug.

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I have a year 12 a year 11 and a prep
It’s hard work. The young ones are only expected to do 3 hours a day. We do an activity then we cook something (she helps measure etc so it’s still learning) then back to something else
Or I put a load of washing on while she has a snack etc. it’s hard to get things done but we don’t have much choice.
We are I. The middle of renovating so have stuff everywhere 🤦‍♀️

Just take a week off from it all, then go back to it...

Yes! So over it. And all a waste none of the work was used to write their reports

Are you working as well? Bloody hard managing full time work and a 6 year old homeschooler

 Yep, working part time and have a 3 yo home as well 😖
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Oh yes!!! I've got 2 to home school and it's tiring. Frustrating. But trying to remain positive

It is overwhelming but have to do our best with what we have.

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